I bought a Popcart for my son who was in University with no car and a small dorm room it made perfect sense.  He loved it other than the fact that his entire floor roommates were always asking to borrow it!  I have since bought one for myself, I LOVE LOVE LOVE  this product, I always receive positive comments when I'm using it.   
Congratulations  Popcart you have taken a utilitarian product and made it fashionable and modern!

Lynn O., April 20,2019

This is a great product as it is made with quality materials designed for its intended use. It carries quite a bit of groceries which is what we purchased it for. We live in a high rise condo on the sixth floor so it is quite handy for us. Otherwise, we are carrying bags and bags of items upstairs and into elevators which is always a struggle. What I like about it most is its compactability. It folds up in to a small briefcase size for storage and its also easy to unfold. Designed well with levers, snaps and a shoulder strap for easy use. This would be a good product for those who live in high rise apartments and in areas where owning a car is impractical such as in cities or in suburbs where you are close to shopping not wanting to drive, not to mention it will give you exercise and satisfy your fitness trackers.

Anthony C., February 18, 2019